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How Can We Improve Your Customer Relations?

  • Online reporting to your customers. They can login anytime, from anywhere in the world!
  • Your customer can have multiple usernames and passwords, which gives them greater versatility and security.
  • If your customer fires an employee you can delete just their login info.
  • Your customer can review their security logs from multiple locations simultaneously.
  • You can give a customer multiple sites under one username, like a corporate office user.
  • When your customer logs in they see multiple entries with their dates and times, as opposed to the traditional daily email or fax, which only shows that day’s activities (our system makes it look like you're doing more if you only have a few stops a night).
  • Our system is paperless. The security logs are securely stored online so they will not get misplaced.
  • Your customers are able to automatically translate their security logs into multiple languages to suit their preference.
  • You are able to track crime statistics, which allows you to tailor your services to your customers needs.
  • Your customers have the ability to review and print the security logs by the month. This saves you ink and your customer from having to keep track of daily reports.
  • Your customers have the ability to search for specific events, apartment numbers or keywords in their security logs.
  • Customers can give online feedback to your employees, which they will see the next time they login. This allows your customer to identify security concerns or even just “vent” which is a great relations tool. *Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5.
  • You can set up surveys for your clients in order to track your company’s progress from your client's point of view. *Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5.

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