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What are People Saying About Blue Streak Technologies?

Blue Streak Technologies has been the most customer oriented provider that we have come across. They have an open door policy of sorts that allows us to make our website work the way we want it to, which brings a functionality for our customers and employees beyond our expectations.

G. M. Raabe
CEO - A Secure Choice Private Security Service
"Setting a New Standard for the Security Industry"

Blue Streak Security is an easy software to use. It beats writing on multiple sheets of paper for big entries. I think a monkey can use it!

Officer V. Achay

Hi, I'm new to the company and think this software is outstanding, I have worked for local law enforcement, US Homeland Security - TSA at the airport and private security. It's great to communicate with officers and management as well as write reports see bulletins and check schedules. It's great.

Officer Mike Marshall

I have been working in the security field for near 6 years. Blue-Streak has been the best way for an officer in the field to get site info and checking on prior reports on a property.

Officer Christopher Swarner

Hello. This is about BLUE STREAK !!!

Officer Victor Shapoval

I am writing to you in regard to the Blue Streak web site. I my self believe that this site is such a great help. Helps me with my scheduling, being able to leave bulletins so that every one here at ASC can read it. It is super user friendly. And I could not see myself using any other website.

Officer Anderson

I have worked security off and on for ten years now. I have used many different forms and programs, and Blue Streak is by far the best and easiest to use. It is great for everything. Being able to check your schedule at any time. Being able to get property information easily whenever you may need it. Another great thing is the bulletin, being able to see what concerns a property management may have or if another officer knows of something on a property it can be past on with out having to be on shift at the same time. And not to mention not having to hand write your reports, especially for patrol officers with multiple property. So with all this being said I would recommend Blue Streak for everyone, it is an exceptional program.

Security Officer M. Herman

Blue Streak is a great way for a security company to do its reports, keep up with customer concerns and for an officer to have the site information while in the field. There are several other things that the program is useful for, such as the reports are stored for review for several years, parking tags are stored in the system and many other organizational implements that a company could use in regards to keeping track of employees and scheduling.

I have been working with this program for about two and half years and I have seen it progress several times. I have also had a chance to work with the owner of the company and he is always trying to think of new ways to accommodate the customers and officers that use the program, as well as just making the program better than it already is. For any security company that is trying to send reports to multiple customers or even sell to customers that they are currently using the best reporting style, Blue Streak would be the way to accomplish these things.

Field Training Officer Daniel Patterson

Dear Mr. Kolda

I would like to thank you for the creative effort you placed in my website. The website you created, developed and designed enables me to place my best foot forward. Due to your patience and understanding of my business needs, you have provided me with new and returning clients and a visual introduction to Royale E.M.S. (Emergency Medical Services). I realize it is not enough to tell potential clients what services I offer, so I am able to refer them to my website to visually show them what work I do and have done. I believe that the new contacts and clients that I have acquired are solely a direct result from them visiting my website. I have received nothing but positive feedback on how professional the website looks and easy to navigate.

Should I be asked for a referral on web developers, I would certainly refer them to Blue Streak Technologies. I look forward to a long term business relationship between us and we will soon be doing business on my near future endeavors. I wish you the best success and the growth of your business.


Ricardo Garcia

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